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Eyeliner basics - the classic, the wing, the wedge, shaded liner and lash line enhancement

For the first time, world trained - Master artist Georgette Dunn offers you her best theory eyeliner course ever!

This course focuses on safety and technique.  Beginners! Save thousands and get an intimate knowledge around all things PMU eyeliner. 

  Please note, that students must check with their local state/province to ensure that you meet the criteria to work safely with insurance meeting all requirements.

If you are an experienced artist with fundamental training you may get to work right away following my course! Please post your work on the Facebook group! 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Meet Your Trainer

    • About your Certificate

    • Handout on Supplies and Welcome

  • 2

    Chapter One

    • Eyeliner - Pre Screen Clients

    • Tools, explained in detail

    • Rotary Machines and Needles

    • Trolly set up

    • Trolly break down

    • Pigments overview

    • Numbing

    • Numbing Demo

    • Aftercare

    • Chapter 1 QUIZ

  • 3

    Chapter Two

    • Anatomy of the eye & types of eyeliner tattoo

    • Mapping Eyeliner

    • Mapping a wing... in real life

    • Eye conditions

    • Chapter 2 Quiz

  • 4

    Chapter 3

    • Your Machine

    • Assignment 1

    • Angle, Pressure, Depth, Stretch - the key to amazing eyeliner

    • Demo of stretch and angle (lash line enhancement)

    • Stretching Continued

  • 5

    Techniques in real life

    • Tattooing the map - lock in your design

    • Filling in a solid wing (latino liner)

    • Positioning of head and machine

    • Shaded Eyeliner Touch Up

    • Lash Line Enhancement with Lower Lid Tattoo Pt.1

    • Lash Line Enhancement with Lower Lid Tattoo Pt. 2

    • Latex practice

    • Almost done!

    • Blood Borne Pathogen